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Product Name: Topless tower crane series

Topless tower crane series

It contains all types of topless tower cranes below 250t.m. The series are very suitable for big construction.

Compared with topkit tower cranes, it has simple mechanical models. Because it doesn't have tower head,

so the height of installation is low that makes installing easy and safe. Moreover, this style is easy to change

crane jib in the air, avoiding the complexity and danger.

Topless tower cranes:

1. Max. load 4t: MLT4810/5010;

2. Max. load 5t: MLT5013;

3. Max. load 6t: MLT5013/5510/5610;

4. Max. load 8t: CSP5017/5020/5515, MLT5513/5516/5613/6015/6315/6512;

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